Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Petr Weig. I am an official guide of Prague. I have completed the course for guides at the „Pražská informační služba - Prague City Tourism“ noted for its many years’ experience in the sphere of tourist trade. I have passed all demanding exams prescribed at that institution as well. The number of my guiding card is 2692.


If you are interested in traditional or even unconventional tours of Prague, accompanied not only with an erudite, but also with an amusing explanation, I am your man.

I am ready to acquaint very quickly the visitors being in Prague for the first time and having little time with the spirit of the city and to follow its forming during the centuries when dark and catastrophic events at periods of blossoming, hopes and happy  days were taking turns. I am able to supply evidence of a propound justification of the inscription o the Old Town Hall – “Praga Caput Regni”. And what’s more I would like to show that Prague is not the head, but also the heart of our country.

I can guarantee for people passing through Prague day by day believing that there is nothing to surprise them, that our common walk round Prague will open for them a new view at every house and every hiding place with their rich fates. I want also to point out the fates of the strange silent world between heaven and earth. I am afraid it is ignored by most of us when we are going through Prague with our bent heads. I mean the exceptionally enormous sculptural décor of the facades of Prague churches, palaces, but even of common houses - that is without parallel in the would.  It is worthy of our attention, isn’t it? One needs only look heavenward and listen intentionally to the stories of the statues of the facades. 

As I am ready to adapt my guiding explanation to any child, I welcome families with children as well.

In addition to the usual guiding walks round Prague building dominants, street and gardens adapted to your wishes I can offer you even rather unusual guiding tours of Prague nature sights and national parks. Yes, Prague is an exceptional city with its nearly 100 particularly protected nature areas. Most of them have been interwoven with nature trails offering great possibilities of strenuous or less strenuous hikes. At ransom – I touch on some interesting locations we could visit together: Rock of Barandov and Grove Chuchle, Celtic Settlement over Zbraslav, Prokop’s Valley, Sarka’s Valley, Rocks Jeneralka and Baba, Canyon Housle [Violin], Rocks Kozi Hrbety [Goat’s Backs] and Valley of the Unetice’s Stream, Game Preserve Hvezda [Star] a s. o. Wandering round there and other nature localities we meet not only a very marvelous nature but also even historic events that often decided forming of our present life.

I hope to have you turned on for our common guided walking. Indeed, Prague is worthy of a tour with your open eyes and open heart.

I am looking forward to you


Your future guide Ing. Petr Weig.





Petr Weig
Tel. / fax : +420 -222 323 203
Mobil : +420 - 605 25 87 55